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Rebecca Johnson: Natural intelligence Kinesiology

Finding your own natural healthy balance in life.


“"Being in Complementary Health Care for 30 years now and specializing in Vibrational Medicine, I have become very particular as to who I am willing to have work on me. Rebecca Johnson is not only one of the few therapists I trust, but she ranks top of the list. The reasons include her high level of skill, sensitivity, professionalism, and of course, the results of her treatments are always profound as well as educating. When I am in the UK or Europe I make a point to have a session with Rebecca whenever possible.”

David Malin. Founder of Body Math.

“Thank you for all the amazing sessions we have had over the last two years... Each time I have felt unwell, overwhelmed, distracted, or low, I have brought my list of ailments to you and another layer of the onion has been peeled away.Often accompanied by tears - and a great deal of laughter!

Every time I have had renewed admiration for you, and for kinesiology and

for the wonderful journey of discovery we are all on in this lifetime.

You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing it."

Vanessa Westwell

It is now two months and one week or so since the second of the two treatments you gave me. I have deliberately waited this long to thank you at length in writing. In my years and years – twenty? twenty-five? thirty? – of seeking an end to certain problems and answers to many questions, I have had promises and assurances of healing from practitioners of all sorts. Some of them were kinesiologists too; but regardless of type of training, every single practitioner was wrong about the causes. I never received any true and lasting help from any of them. Two months is a far longer time than the duration of any apparent change they brought about.

Your skillful untangling of the strands of my entire being means a new life for me. I work in a medical research setting with people who manipulate DNA, and I keep thinking that my own DNA must have changed since I experienced your treatment. Consequently, the world around me has changed: it reflects an increasingly different, happier picture back to me.

The obvious thing to say in describing results of your dazzling effectiveness would be, “Where do I start?” However, I would say, “Where on earth do I finish?” Just two appointments with you, and yet they will ripple through the rest of my life. I have a confidence and an excitement about life (and my own capacity to shape it) that I have only ever experienced in random blips before.

Take just one thing: an intractable skin disorder plaguing me from about the age of nineteen until the day of my second appointment with you. I am fifty-three, and so that means thirty-odd years of sadness, frustration, despair and innumerable missed opportunities for fun and social life. Missed because I deliberately turned away from them. I couldn’t “face” people with deep sores that wouldn’t heal. Can you imagine what I feel now when facing the day demands nothing more than a whisk of translucent powder and some lipstick? When people comment on my “beautiful skin”?

I feel a different kind of contentment in the matter of a past life. Finally, it is in the past and no longer exerting a magnetic pull that was beginning to make me consciously worried. External references no longer stimulate it, and those are unavoidable when a past life is only a few decades away. It is hard to discern the shapes and boundaries of everyday reality when from childhood onward you are tugged back to wander endlessly in wartime Europe – a wraith in the bloodlands. A too-close past life warps reactions to current circumstances and sets your compass for entirely wrong destinations and achievements. How can I begin to explain the peace of mind I have now, after your careful neutralizing and dissipating of such a malign influence?

I know there will be more for you to discover and deal with, but, thanks to kinesiology as you practice it, deep blocks and imbalances have already been rooted out of my life. Living overseas, I can’t have treatment from you without much expense and effort, but that is nothing in the long run. I will be travelling again toward Higher Health and Healing (and what a perfectly apt location that is) as soon as I possibly can. Meanwhile, I will be keeping you informed of my progress in creating the life I’ve yearned for. Thanks to you, what tugs at me these days is a four-word phrase: “I can do this -- I can do this!” The wine from your healing can’t be turned back into grapes.

 Rosmary Delanavine