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The Life Sandwhich

Posted on March 10, 2012 at 4:16 AM
When you find yourself becoming stressed by life and lost in that jungle of thoughts and feelings use this:

Those stressy thoughts and feelings that cause us anxiety, consume our energy and keep us awake at night are like a sandwich filling with nothing to contain it. Imagine egg mayonnaise and lettuce with no bread and you've only got your fingers to eat it with.

The bottom layer of bread is a part of our awareness that is very pragmatic. It is as it is. So when you look at the situation or issue see it as it is, right now, without judgement  - what's actually here, what is actually happening right now.

The top layer of bread is a higher level of awareness that we all possess, our soul awareness where we know that everything is perfect as it is right now. How can we say this? Because as things have played out this is where we have ended up. Again there is no judgment here just the understanding of the perfection of the moment.

The filling is all the mental emotional stuff where we write the stories about the situation, look at how it was, worry about how it could end up in the future, judge it, analyse it. In fact nothing at this level is as it seems to be.

So when yourself getting caught up in the filling bring the slices of bread back into the mix.

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