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Rebecca Johnson: Natural intelligence Kinesiology

Finding your own natural healthy balance in life.

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Declare peace on yourself

Posted on February 15, 2012 at 4:28 AM
The problem is not that we have negative beliefs about ourselves, things wrong with us or events in our personal history that we don't like, it is the fact that we fight them.

The quickest way to transform those parts of ourselves and our histories that we judge unhelpful is to be at peace with them and accept the gifts they bring us.

If a caterpillar fights the idea and process of becoming a pupa then it can never become a beautiful butterfly.

The fear is that if we stop fighting and accept them that we have given in. It is perfectly possible to accept unpleasant cricusmtances and still hold a vision for where we want to be be. When we do this the energy that went into fighting the old circumstance is freed to focus on the vision and where our energy goes we go. Everything in the Universe begins to line up behind the vision in order to bring it into being.

Categories: Health Tip

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