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Rebecca Johnson: Natural intelligence Kinesiology

Finding your own natural healthy balance in life.

My Blog


The Power if Not Knowing

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 8:53 AM Comments comments (498)
The conscious brain can only work with what it already knows. This is the strength of experience. When we seek solutions to probems we automatically search our memories, our experience banks, for answers based on what has worked in the past. It is only when we realise that none of the old solutions are working that we finally step into a place of 'not knowing'.

Many of us have inevested our lives and careers in knowing the answer and finding solutions so this place of not knowing is somewhere that is profoundly uncomfortable to us. To own it feels like failure. But it is when we can truly admit that we do not know the asnwer, that we do not have the solution, and embrace that place that the Universe can step in and begin to create something new with us because we have stopped getting in the way with our solutions that do not work.

Embracing not knowing is an act of power.


Posted on April 23, 2012 at 4:01 AM Comments comments (1)
The most intimate relationship you will have in this life is the one with yourself - you don't get to walk out on it. Make it as positive and healthy as you can. Your body and soul are intelligent, they know what you need.

The Power of I Am.

Posted on April 11, 2012 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (2)
In the book Illusions Richard Bach says, "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they're yours."

How often do you you hear yourself arguing for a belief that limits you - I'm not clever enough, not beautiful enough, I'm no good at that, I'm stuck in my life, I don't trust it, I'm not well enough, I don't have enough money... the list is a long one.

Who says that any of these are true though?

When we stick the words 'I am' in front of something we make a powerful statement about ourselves. I am - two life-defining words. English is somewhat limited as a language here because it does not distinguish between this life-defining, permanent sense of being from the temporary, passing states of being as other languages like French do.

When we say I'm not well enough to do that for instance, do we mean it as a statement about who we are or as a temporary comment on the current way we are feeling?

We may know in our logical brains what we mean but the language of life and of our natural intelligence is very literal. It does not distinguish. I am means I am.

For this reason those of us using English would do well to be very aware of what we state about our beingness and what we argue for. Are we defining our lives as limited with our language, or as expansive with the possibility of growth, transformation and change? Pay attention to your words today and observe which way you are tending to lean. When you become conscious of it then you can change it.

What is Healing?

Posted on March 20, 2012 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (1)
Healing is not about believing that you are sick or broken, it is about accepting your wholeness - your amazing magnificence as a co-creator with the Universe, powerful and beautiful, as radiant as the stars. Accepting it, being it and sharing it with the world.

Anything that seems to prevent you doing this is just a cloud across your sun. Perhaps you can blow it away yourself, maybe you need the help of another to do it, but don't make that cloud your reality.

Words and the Body Computer

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 4:59 AM Comments comments (4)
Have you ever wondered why, when you talk about trying to do something, it feels physically tiring? It's because the muscles and communication in your body have just switched off, you probably crashed your computer.

We do this all the time. Trying is a good example because your body and your natural intelligence doesn't understand the concept of trying. It can only do or not do. So when we talk about trying we are, literally, confusing our body/mind communication by giving an order the body cannot compute.

At the physical level we are very literal. Subtleties of understanding positive and negative for instance don't exist. If someone tells you not to think of a pink elephant you immediately think of a pink elephant because the 'not' doesn't exist to our natural intelligence - only the image of the pink elephant.

We can support our energy by the language we use both to ourselves and others. You only have to feel the difference when you tell yourself, 'let's do it' rather than 'let's try and do it.'

Test it our on yourself.


Posted on March 7, 2012 at 3:44 AM Comments comments (0)
In putting together my new Energy You workshop I realise more and more how important understanding ourselves as beings of energy being is to our health and well-being. To simply apporach ourselves as physical beings, and only intervene at this level, is like trying to solve a computer problem by constantly taking the hard drive apart and never once giving any consideration to what's happening in the software.

If we really want to understand ourselves as human beings, and the world in which we live, we cannot seperate the energetic from the physical. The division is an arbitrary illusion created by us because we feel more comfortable with what we can see with our eyes (even if it means using powefrful micrscopes and telescopes).

But we can only see around 0.4% of the matter that actually reflects light - never mind the matter that doesn't. Perhaps it is time to stop insisting that we have to see it in order to believe that it's real. 

When you use every cell in your body to 'see' instead of just your eyes the world is a very different much greater place. The persepctive changes and understanding is an experiential thing felt in every cell, every atom of your being. It is much easier to percieve the path to healthy balance from this persepctive because your software has been engaged.

Moods and the Weather

Posted on February 28, 2012 at 4:01 AM Comments comments (0)
Have you noticed how moods are like the weather - one day we can be all sunny and happy, the next we can be leaden and gloomy? But are we our moods? Is this planet its weather?

I love the way that how we sometimes respond to the weather shows us how we are with our own moods. Take a day like today. It's overcast here, rather grey and gloomy. It's so easy to only experience the clouds. I have a friend who hates the winter and days like this. All she sees are the clouds and they make her life miserable for around 4 months of the year.

But up there beyond the clouds the sun still shines. Beyond our more gloomy moods our soul and joy still shine. I find that even on a gloomy day if I remember that and connect with the sun above the clouds my own internal clouds dissolve away.

Weather is just weather, it passes. Moods are just moods, they pass. We can help them along if we want to. What we focus on becomes our reality.