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Rebecca Johnson: Natural intelligence Kinesiology

Finding your own natural healthy balance in life.

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The Best Antioxidant there is.

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 3:02 AM Comments comments (106)
One of the most common causes of many of our chronic diseases is inflammation and the damaging affects of free radicals on the body.

Free radicals are naturally occurring in the body and are made up of positively charged molecules that search for free electrons to become stable. They often do this by stripping these electrons away from pathinogens and damaged tissue thus helping the body to heal.

This is our inflammatory response and, once their work is done and the body response winds down, these free radicals should be neutralised by antioxidants. Problems start when the body fails to wind down and the free radicals go on the rampage.

The good news is that the Earth is a massive negatively charged free electron factory. The bad news is that our Western lifestyles mean that we spend most of our lives insulated from its highly beneficial antioxidising effects. Our offices, homes, even our shoes are made of substances like rubber, plastics, wood etc that all serve as insulators or are at the very least not conductive in nature.

In short it is very hard for us to take in enough antioxidants to neutralise the over free radical production that many of us experience due to the body not winding down the inflammation response.

When we connect with the Earth by placing our skin in contact with it the negatively charged free electrons immediately flood our bodies neutralising the free radicals. Just half an hour with your bare feet on the earth a day will produce a beneficial effect.

Aches, pains, arthritic conditions, cardiovascular problems, slow healing from injury, and many other chronic conditions and diseases have been shown to be helped considerably by Earthing. Our Earth is the best antioxidant there is. All we have to do is connect with her.

For more information go to

Amazing Touch For Health

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 4:38 AM Comments comments (2)
I've just been teaching Touch For Health 2. It never ceases to amaze me what a fantastic tool for health TFH is. When we understand how our energy works we understand so much more about the power we have.

Our bodies are made up of energy particles, we are energy. TFH provides a wonderful map to understanding how that energy becomes physical and what we can do to support it.

It doesn't matter whether you are already a health professional, whether you are wanting to become a Kinesiologist or whether you are just wanting a tool to support your health in life. TFH fulfils all 3 of these.

The next series of TFH classes with me will begin in September. See my website for further details.

The Illumination Process

Posted on February 12, 2012 at 4:34 AM Comments comments (1)
Imagine a light covered in gunk. It doesn't shine very brightly. Now imagine your Luminous Energy Field - this is the field of energy that surrounds your physical body to about the width of your outstretched arm. It is doughnut shaped and is generated by your soul. Like a light this should shine brightly but what happens when it is covered with gunk - and what is the gunk?

To the physical body this energy field is like the software to the hard drive of a computer. It provides all the information that allows the body to keep recreating itself and drawing to it the experiences that help the soul fulfil its destiny. The gunk is created by events, traumas and beliefs about our lives, also by karmic and ancestral issues and these act much like corrupted computer software affecting how we live our lives, how well we heal, how we age and how we might die.

Clearly it is a good idea to clean away the gunk so that the original soul intention for our lives shines through. When our Luminous Energy Field is clear we flow and so do our lives. We shine.

The illumination process helps to clean away the gunk. The session begins with examining how the client is feeling, what you are experiencing at that moment as this will indicate the imprint most active at the time. Once all the feelings and any memories are identified by the client you breathe them into a healing stone, which holds memories of healing journies as well as everything that is up for you.

As you lie on the couch this stone is placed on the lowest chakra affected by the imprint and the shaman gently holds release points at the base of the skull while you breathe all that comes up for you out through chakra in question into the stone.

This process can take anything from 10 minutes to half an hour but once the gunk is transformed the client can experience a state of deep peace, a taste of infinity where you have always been whole.

This is a gentle but powerful process and can facilitate great transformation in lives with ease. The illumination is one of the processes I offer in my practice. For more information about it I recommend reading Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo or visiting