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Rebecca Johnson: Natural intelligence Kinesiology

Finding your own natural healthy balance in life.

About Rebecca Johnson

‘When I began to look for answers to healing I really needed them. I was hypersensitive I had anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and a brain that wouldn’t shut up.

Like everyone I was looking for answers but I knew that if I could only understand what my body needed things would become much easier. When I found Kinesiology a light went on inside me – here was a way to communicate directly with my own natural intelligence. I have not looked back.’

Rebecca qualified as a spiritual healer in the early 1990’s. She now holds qualifications in Touch For Health Kinesiology (Instructor level), Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology, Creative Kinesiology, Quantum Sheng, Munay-Ki and as a Shamanic Healer with the Spirit of the Inca.

She has also studied Body Math, Neural Organization Technique, Theta Healing, Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Nutrition. She is now developing aspects of coaching relating to the Law of Attraction.

Rebecca is also a writer and artist.